"Liberalism is Killing Us" is Clickbait in this case!

The article doesn't reveal the basic concept - whom Liberalism kills us. We are all born by Nature. Very Nature is killing every.

Liberalism is just one of the Ideologies, without which no community of people can live in an orderly…

People attribute much more to their capabilities than they actually can do. Human is nothing in Nature, no more than any other living object, for example, insects.

The human mind is needed only in order to adapt to the conditions that Nature sets for him. But people think that they are "Smart Gods" and can control something. But only Nature controls everything and the development of society, first of all. But it is precisely to establish the Laws of Nature in this matter - the laws of the development of human society - so far, no one has been able, and practically has not tried. And all sorts of "Cambridge Analytics" is a trifle and nonsense, all for the sake of money and nothing more.

Once more! "Who pays the piper calls the tune". Here we pay! You are not allowed to make money in your pocket without sharing profits with any authors. Moreover, you do not have the right to sell (charge for reading) articles of those authors to whom you do not pay a fee. This is outright deception and unscrupulous exploitation in its purest form.

In protest, I left the discriminatory Partnership a month ago. I had paid you for almost 4 years, and you are so proud ones that you have not even descend to explain either to me or to anyone - why do you pull ideas and money from all over the world, and pay only through Stripe. You are ordinary deceivers and you do not need anything except "money, money, money ..." Remember song by ABBA, this is about you..

I've been impressed by your deep allusions. But your way is wrong. Well, Generative Pretrained Transformer (gpt)-n is surround us anywhere. In our Digital Age these are "music", "painting", "literature", all kind of arts, "Feelings", "ideas", etc. Only one thing is constant. This is "preachers"-"baffetts", who are giving false senseless ideas of enrichment. And the inhabitants of the planet grab onto them thoughtlessly, giving all their lives to these Big Daddies. The Planet of Fools.

Vladimir Anisimoff

I'm a scientist-physicist, composer, philosopher-agnostic, writer. Now I'm retired and more of a writer than anything else.

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